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Thread: Orlando stroller rental

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    Has anyone used the company Orlando stroller rental? Or any stroller rental company? Going with a 1 year old and a 5 year old and wanted to know if it is worth the 85 dollars for the week. I found the company in passporters guide to Walt Disney world.

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    Nope I havent, we usually take our own stroller - i wont pay the money to hire one when we already have one! You can hire them daily in the parks, but i think that works out even more expensive!

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    The issue I have is our double stroller my son grew out of and its hard to steer now
    I don't see any logic in buying a new one now just for the trip.

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    Do you want one thats still big enough for the two of them? The ones in the parks are meant to be incredibly light - they do look great!

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    Yes I want it for both of them because I don't believe my 5 year oldwill be able to do all day on his feet. We will be taking the mid day break back at the hotel (which is off site) but someone told me that having it for the night time trek back to the car is a life saver.

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    No youre right, they do need to take a break at some point - they are such long and busy days!
    When do you go? We go in November and its usually just warm so dont need to go back to the hotel (we stay on international drive and dont hire a car so its just aswell!), but somewhere around 5pm last time my little girl needed to rest - she was only 2 then so did very well going from early morning until 5pm! She just used to climb in the buggy and go to sleep for an hour or so, this time she will be 4 and i dont think theres much chance of a sleep!

    Sorry - not much help about your buggy rental am i!

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    We fly down on Monday August 23rd till the 30th.I think I'm gonna do it. Its only 85 dollars and that's worth it to me so I'm not carrying 45 lbs of sleeping child (which by the way always always feels twice as heavy LOL)

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    you definetly need a double stroller

    I havent used the company, but have heard really good things about them, they seem to deliver right on time to your hotel, so no worries there

    They use the baby jogger city mini strollers, we have a single and LOVE IT... I havent used a double, but its like 2 singles together, so they fully recline, have a super large hood, ventilation, folds in seconds (really convenient for buses) and wheels big enough to steer all around WDW.

    Make sure you also rent the raincover, it might cost a bit more, but its totally worth it, last year it was raining cats and dogs in Epcot when we were there for the princess breakfast, and we made in on time, and Tatiana was 100% dry thanks to the raincover....

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    And make sure you put the rain cover down if you are going inside for an attraction where you have to leave the buggy outside - just incase!!

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    yeap!!! so true Kate.... or for a meal or just anywhere, since most stroller parking is outdoors

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