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Thread: Hello From Texas

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    I live in Houston Texas
    I am so glad I found this forum - I'm an older Disney fan and love to go to the World and meet visitors from all over the "real" world. I am planning a very exciting trip for 17 of my family members in December of 2011 - would love to get ideas from all of your travelers for planning ideas for large groups. We will have 4 couples - 3 moms and dads and 1 grand couple. I am looking at offsite homes due to our large group and different interests. I have only traveled to WDW with my children when they were small (two daughters) and my dear husband since they grew up. Here is a picture of my hubby and me on our last stay - I look forward to meeting and talking with you all.

    Beth from Texas
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    hi and welcome to secrets

    "Life is a journey not a destination"

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    Ree Ree!

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    hi there!!

    welcome to Secrets!!

    sounds like you are planning a fantastic trip!!

    If you are looking for offsite accomodations, be sure to visit our villa advertisers, there are some gorgeous villas available!

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    Hi Beth and welcome to Secrets.

    There will be many people on here who will be able to help and advise you for your trip and I'm sure you'll really enjoy the planning part, it's half the fun anticipating your vacation.

    Enjoy Secrets :-)


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    Hi Ree Ree and a warm [my you sure look a handsome couple!]
    You`ve found the best place to do your Disney research. We aim to be among the friendliest sites around, and our members love to offer advice and tips for folks planning a trip to WDW.

    Don`t be afraid to post any specific question in the relevant forum and someone is bound to respond in a flash.

    See you around the site.

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    You are a braaaave lady organising a trip for 17 people!!! Welcome to the site - its great here, you'll love it!

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    Welcome aboard!!! :9: Nice to have you with us!

    We organized a WDW cruise for 20 last year. Whew!!! There were some WDW days in there too. It takes MUCH planning and someone (that would be you my dear) has to often step forward and simply MAKE THE DECISION, whatever decision that may be.

    Have much time for breaks from everyone. Perhaps one meal a day together then the rest of the day off doing what your own little "sub" group wants to do. Maybe have one or two major events that you all do together.

    There are several villa owners on this site. I am NOT ADVERTISING!!! But do want to point out that renting a villa is an incredibly sensible move when you have a group as large as yours. Talk to our folks here and get some pointers. I'm not sure if their villas are large enough to accommodate your entire group, but they may have options for you.

    We did a Grand Villa through DVC and a studio (for a portion of the group that was staying before and after...). It worked for us, but would be quite costly if we were not DVC members.

    Transport to and from will be another challenge, especially if you stay offsite in a villa. You'll be able to rent one of those HUGE vans, but then you are all "stuck" traveling together. You may be better off with a couple (or three) separate rental cars. (Presuming you are flying down and not driving).

    Publix is a lovely grocery store as is Whole Foods (and there is a new one close to DTD now). Winn Dixie and Goodings are generally to be avoided. We don't like Walmart products so we avoid there too, but many folks like it. Target has food in some locations, too.

    So! Have a good look around the site and let us know how we can help!

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