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    I'm Mandi, 32 from NJ. Two children Brian 7 and Emily 4. My husanbad Wes and I have been together for 13 years. We are going on our first family trip to DW in October/ November. We will be there for 7 days. We are going with extended family- there will be 13 of us.

    My FIL rented a house in Emerald Island that looks really nice. We bought tix for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I bought the unofficial guide to DW and am about halfway through. I'm feeling very overwhelmed!

    DH and I have both been to DW separately... me a few times in high school and him about 11 years ago with some friends.

    Any and all advice welcome. I love reading tips!

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    hi and welcome sure you will have a great time at wdw

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    Wow, you will be going during a beautiful time of year! Nice weather and the crowds have slowed.

    Those guides can definitely help one feel overwhelmed. I would recommend making sure that you all have a reservations to eat, especially with all of you going.

    Oh and welcome Mandi!

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    Hi Mandi and a warm to Secrets.

    If you need any help in planning your trip then just holler!

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    Hello and welcome. You will have a great trip. October/November is a wonderful time of year to be there. The Food & Wine Festival is going on, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is available and depending on how long you are there in November you may even get to see some Christmas magic.

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    Hi and welcome on board, 13 in your party wow thats going to be a party. You'll be there the same time as our crowd and Slowhand.

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    Hi there!

    welcome to Secrets!!

    I think guides are good to give you an idea of whats there, but once you are there, just try to relax and enjoy yourself!

    Remember its impossible to do EVERYTHING, and the magic usually happens where and when you least expect it!

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    Hi Mandi. You're really going to like all the friendly people you'll be meeting on this site. I'm new around here too, but everyone has made me feel really welcome.

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    Hi Mandy,
    I'm fairly new too, it can be very addictive....but enjoy!!!

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