I would love some please,
My Grandad has been unwell for a few years now, he has had Diabeits for a number of years and that got worse which meant he had to start using insulin injections, He then started to feel unwell so he had a few test done which showed he had a rear type of leukemia which affects people over 70.(no treatment) he has since then been unwell and had more test which showed he has hepatitis, which was caused by a blood transfusion done when he had a op about 20 years ago.
In the last year he has been in and out of hospital due to him passing out, he has had a small stroke.
Well I got a phone call from my mum and Saturday to say my grandad had been back to the hopsital for some test results and it looks like he might have lung cancer.
Then to top it all off he had a bigger stroke on Thursday night.
We are all waiting now for a phone call tomorrow from the hospital to tell us how bad the lung cancer is and what the next step is.