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Thread: Wow, we are home, but wow

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    Ok, will do soon. all the text is written, there were a lot of days when we did literally nothing so haven't written them down.

    Will make more sense if it's posted along with the relevant photos and videos, will have a crack at those when we get back from getting our pussy cats and shopping.

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    Welcome home Chris

    I know how you feel.....I felt like that when I went a few years back. You feel like you're spending all your time with your jaw dropped open in astonishment! (I even went to the outside of your hotel, as our bus was dropping people off before we got to ours ). And how magical for the boys!

    Hope you all get acclimatised to being home very soon....can't wait to hear all about it

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    Welcome back! Can't wait for all the photos!


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    Welcome home. It sounds like the trip far exceeded your expectations. Can't wait to read the trip report and see the pictures. Even before I do so, it makes me want to do something like that even more so, just from your description.

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    It is so good to have you back home! I know that your family must have had an incredible experience. Wish I could find the words to thank you enough for sharing it with us!

    Get some rest and then prepared to be inundated with questions!

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    Welcome home, we all can't wait to share the trip through your eyes

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    Welcome back!
    I'm so glad to hear that your trip was wonderful.

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