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Thread: Christmas decorations?

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    I've heard that at christmas some of the disney hotels make a real effort and are worth visiting at christmas time?

    What are your favourite hotels at christmas and how would we do the best tour of them

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    They all do Christmas decorations. Some are far more elaborate than others. Each deluxe will have a different theme, but each will have an elaborate gingerbread or candy display. GF for instance, has a HUGE gingerbread house (that is so large they use it for a little shop).

    The best way to view the decorations is to take a day and just do it! Take the monorail to the monorail resorts, but be SURE to see Wilderness Lodge too! Then go over the the boardwalk area and walk the circle of resorts.

    The moderates and values decorate too, so if you want you can see them. That takes a bit more effort as none are really in a group like some of the deluxes.

    Make sure you do AKL as well. Lovely and very different.

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    We stayed at the Dolphin, they had a lovely christmas tree with a train track around it and lots of big presents, it was beautiful. I looove christmas, its so beautiful over there too

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    They are very much worth seeing. I just took time whenever I was near a resort that was near a park I was going to. When I went to MK, I ventured over to the monorail resorts and WL and then while at Epcot I ventured to the resorts over there. The WL is my ideal place for Christmas. To me a big tree, fireplace and cabin all flow together. The GF was stunning.

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    GF, Y&BC, BW were my favorite deluxe resorts during our 2009 trip. CSR does a great job for a mod.


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