Well it has now been a week since the end of our trip to Orlando, and reality has reasserted itself fully... such is life.

Compared to Dawn, i do not tend to suffer the post-disney-blues, so it can be easier for me to adjust back into real life. 3 days of jet-lag not withstanding!

Anyway, looking back I now have some great memories of our 2 weeks over in Orlando. While this holiday was a long time in coming (7 years since the last disney holiday), it was worth the wait because Steven was with us, and now at a perfect age to really appreciate the experience. And through his eyes, we all gained a new level of enjoyment ... and earache from the almost continuous monologue he was generating, fuelled by sensory-overload mixed with his rather wild imagination!

Some good bits among many:

  • Food - oh yes, i need say no more!
  • Villa & private pool - fantastic, would much prefer to do that again than a hotel.
  • Parks & Disney in general - do i even have to give a specific reason?
  • Air Conditioning :D


  • High humidity - i do not personally cope too well with humidity... putting on sunscreen was amusing, as it was just sliding straight off me!
  • 8+ hours flights & all the airport stuff - such is the reality for those of us this side of the big pond.
  • 2 weeks of relentless activity catching up on you when you get home, on top of jetlag - i felt like a zombie on my first day back at work.
  • Returning to the normal daily routine...

And as i sit here staring at the post-holiday ironing mountain that i am avoiding doing, a random thought occured to me:

"Cargo Shorts are Awsome!!!" - I took 3 pairs of them with me, and a another pair with detachable lower legs (specifically to defeat mosquito's while at Kennedy Space Centre).

Given that my primary role while going around the parks was "pack mule", i ended up carrying a lot of stuff.... and at one point i had 4 drinks bottles riding in the cargo pockets ... so useful! :D

Ah well, better go climb Mount Ironing!