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Thread: free dining?

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    If we're booking for next year, is there any way to know if theyre going to offer free dining? should we just book and hope for the best and can we change our reservation if they do announce free dining plan?

    Is this something we can do ourselves, the changing of reservations, or does a ta have to do it

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    Well, they typically have released free dining to the general public in April for the following Aug-Sept dates.

    We have gotten a bounceback promo the last 2 years. We were staying at WDW and received a note in our room about getting the free dining for the following year and you had to book and pay the deposit while you were at WDW.

    The UK people were offered a promo one year really early.

    You can always book now and then when the promo comes out, you can add it in. If you book with a TA, they have to change it for you.

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    If you're staying at an offical WDW resort, there's a possibility of a bounceback offer. No guarantee, but a possibility.

    Otherwise, what Johnie said.

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