OK Wednesday is Epcot day.

Big cheer again.

Aren't we the best kept Disney secret? :wink:

Ooooh look, look, look.

OK I need $14 for parking quickly please.

Ooooh look, look, look.

Do not, whatever you do, take my photo.

The fountain is one of my best and everyone just walks straight past it.

First stop is the character greeting location.

Living Seas new Nemo theming.

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.

Oooooh look, look, look.

Fish are friends but humans are clearly dinner.

Bit of using one's imagination.

Then a bit of cooling off outside.

And then a bit more cooling off.

Where are you all going?

Two hats are better than one apparently.

It's too hot in Canada.

Small child having meltdown in the UK gardens. I sat and watched them for ages - definitely my best.

This is what Steven was doing while I was watching meltdown kid.

More hat trying on.

Lunch being cooked for us.

Watching the Japanese drummers

Sad viking.

Happy viking.

Bit more cooling off.

Then we had a "omg what on earth are those people wearing" moment.

And one more hat in Mousegears before calling it a day.