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Thread: dilemma : go to Disney with friends or not

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    help me out someone anyone because this is keeping me awake nights!

    We have the possibility to go to disney world again next year and were thinking of a villa

    friends have caught on to this and almost invited themselves. Well not quite, theyre saying things like "our villa" and "let us know when to pay" when we havent exactly offered.

    The thing is it would make it more affordable but they'd probably want to be with us all the time and Im thinking of a family holiday

    So what would you do? go with them , not go with them, try and establish ground rules??? help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneymom, post: 231754
    So what would you do? go with them , not go with them, try and establish ground rules??? help!
    Well, I guess it does depend on how close you all are. Have you spent time with them before?

    My personal experience:
    My family went to WDW with my very best friend and her family. (Both had 2 adults and 2 children.)
    We travelled there together and stayed at the same resort, in nearby rooms.
    Now, these were longstanding friends that were as close as family. But once there we discovered that their idea of fun was not the same as ours.
    E.g: We all loved spending a lot of time at Epcot... they declared it 'boring'. We liked to get up and out to the Parks early.... they liked getting up late.
    Luckily, we didn't fall out over any of it but I would never do it again. Going separately and meeting up is better.
    Anyway, that's just my experience. Only you know how close you all are.

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    We have beem to WDW [and on cruises] several times with friends and never had a problem.
    Then again those folks were very close friends so I guess a lot depends on how dear they are to you.
    As you say, if you are staying in a villa, then that will certainly help with your expenses but I`d certainly set out the ground rules before you go.

    Maybe suggest that you and your friends have separate cars, suggesting that "We could then all do our own thing", and maybe meeting up for the occasional dinner?

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    Tough one! I think that you need to determine what you want from the holiday. If it's something other than what you think you'll have with your friends, then you'd be better off speaking up now.

    Otherwise, go with them, maybe have a good "talk" to decide what everyone's expectations are and decide how things will "run."

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    We went on holiday with family - there were 12 of us in total. We all got on fine, made it very clear before we went that there was no obligation to do everything together and if someone wanted to do or go somewhere else then none of us would be offended! I think if you make things like that clear before you go then it would be fine!

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    That's what we've done too. Gone with large family groups, but we all go off and do our own things. There were a couple of touchy spots... but we all survived. Coming together for meals/ dinner seems to work best for us.

    I guess the one thing I've learned is that other people's opinions (regardless of family status) really don't matter when you are on holiday. By that I mean (for example) one time I rented a convertible for Herself and I (the rest were off doing something else) and someone in the group commented on it negatively after the fact. No matter. We had a great time and were not sorry to have done it at all!

    It can get touchy though... so be ready to just smile a lot.

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    We have family that want to come with us next year, I have just said that if they happened to be there at the same time we would meet up a couple of times but I wouldn't stay in a villa with them. They have a toddler, don't go out in the evenings and would expect us to stay in. I'm paying a lot of money for my holiday and also have limited time off. Don't want to spend my holidays running after a toddler and fitting in basically. I have of course been branded a witch but why change the habit of a lifetime. :tongue: I will do anything for you normally but don't mess with my holidays lol

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    We have always gone with other people and family. The first time we did have a fall out but it was soon resolved. The other times we have had fantastic times, we were together about three quarters of the time. The whole time was great, we are close friends still. We are however going as a family unit this time with 1 extra my daughters boyfriend who is a really cracking bloke and we can't wait to show him around.I would set ground rules before you go, try to sort out some form of itinary that you want to do together and alone. It also works on the odd occasion that you cook at home to share the cooking, You cook one meal and then them the next. That is what we're doing sharing with my daughter on the 2 nights we're at home. I love eating out.

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    If you want to share some time with your friends at WDW then by all means invite them to come along and share the expenses. HOWEVER, as others have said, make sure that you set some ground rules. Two cars would be a must. Let them know that both families don't have to do the exact same thing at the exact same time, especially meals. If you want to have some meals together or visit the parks together by all means do so. Best to have some ground rules in effect so that each family knows what is going on.

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    Well.. just from my experience

    the first time I went to Disney (I was 10) we went with another family, one of my dad's best friends... they had gone before...

    honestly? I HATED going with them, I remember I really wanted to ride Peter Pan, and my dad's friend just said, no, thats a boring ride, we are skipping it.... yeap.. we skipped it... we went back the next year, got on Peter Pan and LOVED IT!!!

    And I think it was worse because we had just ONE car, so there was no, "lets go our separate ways and meet later on"... since we HAD to arrive and leave together...

    I think that its doable do, weve done Disney with my sister and her then boyfriend twice without issues, but it has always been.. we ARE doing this, you decide if you want to come, or meet us later... turns out, travelling with an 18mo really changes what you can and want to do, so we mostly saw each other for meals and a few shows...

    Ok.. Im rambling..

    Just think that it CAN be done, as long as you are clear and YOU dont change your plans, but dont expect them to adhere to your plans either...

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