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Thread: dilemma : go to Disney with friends or not

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    Can you believe the first people I went to WDW with (day trip, MK only) told me not to bother with EPCOT!!! They said only drunks and smokers went there. Nice huh?

    Needless to say, I don't even KNOW those people any more.

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    never ever ever ever ever

    we did it once and it was a disaster, we never spoke to them again. holidays are for family now and the most I'd ever do would be meet up with them for a meal now and then

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    For us itís a no as itís the only time we get to spend as a family each year. My husband works away in London most week days and is only home at the weekends, so we value our time together on our summer holidays, however my friend was there at the same time as us this year and we met up for the day and had a fab time, but us personally as a family we couldnít go for the whole holiday with family or friends.

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    As Slowhand has said, if you decide to go together I would definately get 2 cars and do your own thing and just meet up when you all decide you want to.

    We have never shared our holiday with anyone as Jai works really hard, long hours and just wants to relax and not think of others when we are away.

    Saying that, lots of people do it very succesfully, so make sure you have a proper talk about expectationns before you decide for sure.

    Hope it all works out for you, it's a trickey one


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    Since you asked for opinions, I will just simply say, "nope don't bring them along"

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    What you have got to remember is that any holiday is special, this one however is very special and if you have doubts already then its possibly not worth the risk. It isn't by any means a cheap holiday and to screw it up with people you thought friends. It could work wonderfully well, but if you have thought it necassary to ask for advise then I don't think you really want it to happen. You could as others have already suggested have seperate villa's you definetly need seperate cars that was the one thing we feel out about on our first ever trip. Tell your friends that if you do go and have seperate villa's that you could meet up at various places and share your experiences over your evening meal.

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    This can be tricky and has caused us problems in the past. What we do now, if we are going with family or friends, is send them a list of everything "WE" want to do, see and items not to be missed. Suggest they do the same. Compare lists and decide early what places you might be able to do together, places to dine together and so on.

    Make sure to do this as soon as possible because the closer you get to the trip the harder it will be to plan.

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