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Thread: Google Earth Hidden Mickeys

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    So this past weekend my mom was in town and Saturday we drove all over central FL looking for a winery around Clermont. Unfortunately I forgot to check directions before we left the house so I completely missed it.

    Anyhoo, I was describing the area to my boss this morning and went on Google Earth to show him where we were. When the boss left, I started dragging the mouse around and found a field where someone had cleared a stand of trees into a Mickey head! Then I noticed that the retention pond in the Richard Petty track outside MK is in the shape of a Mickey head!

    Biggest surprise of all is that the aerials above the MK were just uploaded in the first part of May and you can see the excavation area going on for the Fantasyland expansion.

    Google Earth! It's a good thing!

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    If you don't have Google Earth, you should get it. It's free. Get it here.
    Amazing piece of software.

    However, if you don't want to do that, here's what Gwennie was talking about.

    This first one is the Fantasy Land expansion.

    And this is the retention pond at the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

    Tom (... get Google Earth. It's amazing!)

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    Lakeridge Winery is on 27 (north of Clermont). There are several throughout the state though. One is in St. Augustine, another in the Tampa area (not so great and not so friendly) and one near Ft. Myers (we never made it to that one).

    Florida wines don't really have much to recommend them, but the wineries are usually fun places to stop for an hour or so.

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