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Thread: Polynesian or contemporary or grand floridian?

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    We've spent all night looking at brochures and really think we want to stay by the magic kingdom but its which resort to choose. If they all have the monorail then they're all just as easy as one another right? So what are the main differences?

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    The Poly doesn't have a hot tub at the pool and has a fairly odd and "complicated" set up.

    The Contemporary is nice, but we've only stayed at BLT not at the main resort.

    The GF, is elaborate and our Slowhand loves the place!

    Of the MK area resorts we like the Wilderness Lodge the best.

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    My DW and I have stayed at the GF oodles of times and it is our favourite WDW resort so this reply may seem a bit biased!

    However in my opinion the Contemp has more of a "corporate/business" feel to it rather than a vacation resort.
    The Poly, although very popular with many folks on here always seems to be a bit dark and overbearing for my taste.
    The GF on the other hand is very light and airy, it`s only one monorail stop away from the MK, and it has some great restaurants...V&A`s and Citrico`s to name just two.

    Location-wise, there`s not a lot of difference between the 3 resorts as they are all on the monorail loop.

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    We have stayed in all 4 of the MK area hotels. Of the three on the monorail we felt that the Contemporary was, well..... too contemporary for our taste. We had a lovely room at the GF in the main building that overlooked the monorail. We received a free upgrade to Concierge but decided there was no way we would have paid rack rate for that room. If we ever stay there again we would like one of the outer buildings, but hey for the price we paid ($99/night) we can't complain. Finally we come to the Polynesian. We had put off staying here because we had spent a lot of time in Hawaii on business and were afraid that we would be disappointed. We were NOT. We absolutely loved the Polynesian and plan to go back there some day. As for the 4th hotel in the MK area, the Wilderness Lodge, we also love it, but if you are looking for a place on the monorail then this is not for you.

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    The Polynesian is my absolute favorite of all the WDW resorts. One of the best themed resorts Disney has, the grounds are beautiful, it has an awesome view of the castle across Seven Seas Lagoon. You can also walk to the GF and the TTC. It's nice to arrive back from EPCOT on the monorail and just walk back to your longhouse instead of getting on another monorail.

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    We stayed at the Contemporary in the tower last year, with a MK view. We were only there for a week. To be honest, I don't think I'd rush back. Hearing the celenration song every 30 minutes from 7am till 10pm at Chef Mickey drove me a bit bonkers
    That being said, the rooms were fantastic, we loved being able to watch the fireworks from our balcony, also, the walkway to MK was wonderful! I think there are so many other resorts to choose from that are better. We've also stayed at Wilderness Lodge and loved it, I think it's very underrated

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    I think its really worth stayed at all of them.. at least I know I would love to...

    Having said that, I do believe they are all, but especially the contemporary very BUSY resorts.. with a lot of people not actually staying there going there for meals, or just dropping by because its easy ...

    The Wilderness Lodge is a great option if you dont want BUSY... its still very close to MK, but it is fa rmore secluded

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