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Thread: raglan road

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    ate there a few times always had a nice meal good entertainment too

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    My ex loved the food there and we tended to stop by during the day.

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    Haven't been in awhile, but used to enjoy one of the Irish music bands that played there. We like the outdoor bar area (Hole in the Wall) for a Guinness and an appetizer or two. That's our favorite way to enjoy Raglan Road. Not too thrilled with the kitchen's offerings.

    The fish and chips from Cooke's of Dublin is far better than that which is served indoors at the main restaurant.

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    Only been twice but wasn't too keen on the food. We also went too early in the evening as we never saw any entertainment while we were there.

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    LOVE Raglan. Agree with the others. Unless you're into over-priced cuisine you don't know much about, this place may not fit your needs. However, my mom and I split a dish one time that was basically chicken, potatoes, and vegetables and it was fab. I've also gotten some good fish n' chips. Great beer selection and fun atmosphere & entertainment.

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