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Thread: Luxor Las Vegas

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    Nice Hotel...cant miss it by night you just look for the blue beam. Rooms were comfortable and plenty of space (no tea makeing facility) Food in the centre court was very nice but not a large choice and prices reasonable. You can do all day buffet for $30 return as much as you like. We had beckies there as not much local choice and dinned in evening twice.
    Also went to MGM Grand and ate at Rain Forest Cafe and see the two lions being hand fed.
    Did the Grand Canyon tour by helecopter which also included a short boat trip at bottom and then flew back up to Skywalk.
    Skywalk was good once my backside stopped moaning you cant take your cameras etc on it but can get pics done ...usual prices.
    Went onto the Indian centre for a lunch and more magic photo points.
    Flew back and got extra flight down the strip as had a problemn on outbound flight.
    We did a limo tour of strip in evening and well worth doing as brilliant lights and fountain light dance outside one of the hotels .
    Next trip report Hawaii...when i get off the beach

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    Wow! no tea making facility? really? We plan to do this hotel sometime, will bring my own stuff then.
    I am a fully fledged member of the Pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    Wow, I think if one ever needs a reality check, then the Grand Canyon is the place to go. I would feel so small. But it's amazing!

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    Great pictures

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    I would love to do the Skywalk one day! Thanks for the report on the Las Vegas experience. We've not been there. Herself is more interested in visiting that city, than am I.

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