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Thread: is ICE at the gaylord palms worth going to?

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    we'll be staying at pop century and thinking about going to see ICE but its quite expensive :/ has anyone been? whats it like? tell me everything

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    I think our Keith has been? We've often thought about going, but just have never taken the time to do it.

    From any report or photo I've seen it's pretty amazing, or at least the sculptures are.

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    To be honest, we found it to be a total waste of time and money
    We had to book a time to enter and even then we had to wait in queues for well over an hour once inside for what we thought was a disappointing display.
    We imagined huge ice sculptures made from one block of ice but that wasn't the could actually make out the joins in the ice. It was way too crowded for us too but then again, we went just before Christmas.

    Just my opinion though - others may have loved it. (Wasn't keen on wearing the huge coats either that had been worn many times before us and not cleaned before the next wearer)

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    I'm really conflicted, I wish I could find my original trip report.

    Issy is right, the queuing system is a nightmare and the staff overly powermad and surly.

    I didn't like the idea of the used coats either :/

    Once in, I found the ice sculptures beautiful and impressive. Then again, I've always wanted to go stay in an ice hotel so I guess I'm a bit mad

    The ice, colours and rooms were well done and not too packed when we went.

    HOWEVER, after walking through a few rooms, bam! straight into the gift shop with everyone looking at each other and saying "is that all there is?"

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    Ah, see? Good that you both have been and could give a review. I didn't realize, Issy that the sculptures are not from one block of ice! I'd not be thrilled to see the seams either!

    There is NO WAY on this earth that I'm wearing a coat that someone else has worn. Sorry! Not that that would be a factor for us, just sayin'!

    So then? Missing it isn't a cardinal sin of "what to do in Orlando?"

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