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Thread: blue zoo v shulas ?

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    We're hoping to try one of these, can only afford one though, which one is best?

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    Can't really compare. One (Shula's) is a popular steak house. BlueZoo is essentially seafood, although there are other choices.

    So, it would come down to whichever you prefer to eat.

    BlueZoo has a wonderful atmosphere. It was designed to put you in mind of being under the sea, and it really works. Todd English is not my favorite celebrity chef (the man desperately need to learn how to cook rice and risotto!) but he has a decent restaurant now, after working through some early issues.

    Shula's is of course, Don Shula. Not a celebrity chef, but a celebrity for all that. I don't much care for the football menu but many folks find it fun.

    Both places, as you know are pricey. I'm much more a seafood fan, so I would head directly for BlueZoo.

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    Both are worth a try! As Tink says, very different.

    Shulas is dark inside, very dark, you need a torch to read the menu which is on the side of a football. Mainly steak, of course , good service although can be noisy if you're sitting next to a party. It's good and in a good location but I preferred Charlies steak house offsite in fact.

    Blue Zoo, well have had good and just ok meals there. Service again is pretty good but I'm not a huge seafood fan, so I guess I wasn't eating off their primary items menu.
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    No, you are right. BlueZoo is sporadic with quality. I can honestly say, I've had one of the most disappointing ever losbter choices there. :sigh; Todd should have been ashamed, given that he is from Boston. But that was very early on, and they've made some good changes. Still sporadic though, and for that kind of money, you want consistently delicious.

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    I have been to both places and the food has been good.

    The first time we tried bluezoo is was really nice, food and service excellent. However, the next time it wasnt as good. I agree that it can be quite sporadic and you are paying a lot so the food and service has to be good.

    I have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Shulas. The service has always been excellent. My only issue is the lighting as Keith has mentioned. If they turned it up a notch it would be perfect as I do like to see what I am eating. :p015:

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