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Thread: Idrive attractions?

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    We'll probably be onsite next visit, is it worth a trip to idrive? What is there to look at? Is it the type of place that we could spend a whole day at ??

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    I Drive is a fairly long stretch of road. It has shops, restaurants and attractions. There is a trolley that can take you along it as well (for a nominal fee). I would strongly recommend you be wary of some of the shops, particularly those selling electronics.

    There is an huge outlet mall at the "end" of I Drive, and any number of other shops before you get there (in that same general area). Also, there is a small mall, Festival Bay too. It has a couple of decent places to eat, but no real reason to stop there otherwise.

    A whole day? Hmmmmmm, maybe. Half a day, for sure. If you do any of the attractions along the Drive, you could spend a whole day, I suppose.

    Some wonderful places to eat. Two of the better ones along there are Texas de Brasil, and Ran Gitsu.

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    Wonderworks is on I. Drive......alo Ripleys Believe it or not. SkyVenture too where you can 'skydive' in a wind tunnel. There is a slingshot if you would like to revisit your lunch.
    There is also Air Florida where you can charter a helicopter for a short while and they take you over different areas of I.Drive so you can see SW and DC...others take you near WDW (but not over)
    There is Fun Spot where you can have fun on the go karts....also arcade games.
    Pirates Cove adventure golf and of course Wet 'n' Wild.
    There is a cinema too.

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