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Thread: SeaWorld Orlando announces sudden death of killer whale

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    SeaWorld Orlando has announced the death of one of the killer whales at the park. The whale, Kalina, died after a sudden illness on Monday evening.

    "We are saddened to report that Kalina, a 25-year-old killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando, died Monday, October 4 after a sudden illness. According to park veterinarians, Kalina showed no signs of illness as recently as Friday and had good appetite on Sunday, October 3. She began exhibiting signs of discomfort Monday afternoon and died suddenly in the early evening. A necropsy will be performed, but the cause of her unexpected death won’t be known for up to six weeks. All of us, especially her trainers and her fans, will miss Kalina very much. She was a wonderful whale and was very deeply loved."

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    Oh no, thats so sad, especially as she seemed so well just the previous day

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    Now how hard is that? Go to work the next day to find out your beloved co-worker has died suddenly.

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    thats so sad...

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