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Thread: Hello everybody

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    I like to introduce myself.
    I do live in Europe and have been in Florida twice,
    will be visiting again, from next week.
    Last time, I was there with my friend, without my kids,
    First time I took my son to Disney,World he was
    3 month old. Now he will be 20, and his sister 18 when
    we will return together.

    Together we want to buy an flexticket for
    all 4 of us. But there are big differences in prices.
    What I hope, is to find somebody, who figured it all
    out and can tell me, where to get the best price
    for a flexticket 6 parks.

    Thanks already for telling me, regards, peetje

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    Hello and welcome to the site!!! I am so sorry but I can't help you with your question. I'm sure someone else will be able to though!

    Sounds like you have a wonderful visit planned! Where are you staying?

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    Thanks Tink,

    no problem, you cannot help, maybe someone will.... Im going to stay in Orlando for 3 nights, than to Miami for 4 nights, and than back to Orlando for the rest of my 3 weeks
    .......... Yippy So lots of time, to visit all kind of great Disney and others !

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    sounds like a wonderful trip!!!!!! Hoping you'll take some photos for us
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    Hi and welcome to Secrets.

    Not long for you to wait until your trip :-)

    I have used used the following for tickets:-

    Orlando attraction tickets - Disney, Universal Studios from Undercover Tourist ... the trusted name in Attraction Tickets

    Orlando FlexTicket - Book now and experience all top Orlando attractions

    or if you wait until you are in Orlando we have used

    Disney Tickets, Discount Disney World Tickets Orlando Florida , Official Ticket Center

    Have a great holiday


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    Hi peetje and a warm welcome to Secrets.

    Sorry I can`t help on the ticket issue as we are AP holders, however I hope that you have a great vacation and please let us know all about it after your return.

    See you around the site.

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    Hi and welcome!
    We used orlando ticket deals, they do something called to combo ticket which has all 6 parks on it (you can choose 4, 5 or 6 parks) and they are slightly cheaper than the flexticket. We ordered them and they came within a few days. Only difference is you get 2 tickets instead of 1 but i dont think thats a big problem!

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    Oh Miami is wonderful! You are really going to enjoy visiting there. Other than NYC, it's my favorite US city.

    Sounds like you have a nice long holiday planned! That's really great. Having enough time to actually do some things, and relax a bit a long the way makes for the best vacations!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm also new to this forum. I'm a big fan of Disney land also my family. I join here to learn more and hopefully I could also help other members.


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