Herself texted me yesterday that she was coming home early and did I want to go to EPCOT?

Umm, let me think about this for a second... YES!!!!

So, off we go!

Beautiful sunny afternoon. Nice light breeze, but still quite hot in the direct sun. Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen!

At first it looked quite busy with the number of guests milling around, however the lines were not long at all at any of the booths.

We did the initial walk around just to "see what was there" and discuss what we wanted to try this time.

(Oh, by the way, still no booklets available only those silly brochures. ).

On our first stroll of the World Showcase, we noticed that Sugar Ray was the concert today (who is Sugar Ray???? Herself knew, but I couldn't place them).

We took a browse around the interior of the new Mexican restaurant. It's LOVELY and HUGE! There are ample windows and seats so watching Illuminations from there will be wonderful. Pricey for the menu selections but we expected that. It was nearly empty when we were there, but still early in the evening (it opens at 4:00 pm and we toured at about 5:00 pm).

We also did a little nosey around the new pizza place. We didn't go completely into the restaurant, rather stayed in the lobby entry (all glass so you can see through). Many waiter posing and not too terribly full of guests (although there were several waiting to be seated). The cooking area is open to view so it was neat to see the pizza makers tossing the dough and using the peel to place the pizzas on the stone floor of the ovens. One thing that I thought a bit odd was that there were no really delicious aromas emanating from the place. You'd think it would smell divine, wouldn't you?

We started our tasting on our second go around. Let's see... what did we have?

Mussels in garlic cream in Belgium. We had to wait a very brief moment for the mussels to be "done" (whatever that meant) so I fully expected hot shellfish. They weren't, which put me off. The mussels were tiny, and the cream sauce made eating them messier than they were worth. The bread bit was nice though.

We couldn't resist a second go at the escargot. We try hard not to repeat what we've had before we've sampled all we want to, but sometimes it's hard! They were better yesterday than they were at the weekend. Hot and very fresh, and oh so buttery.

We're saving the lobster and scallop pie in Ireland for "our weekend" so didn't have anything there.

Herself tried a beer at the 15 beers for 15 years booth. A Key West lager? No, an amber. It was an amber and as such I didn't care for it (they taste bitter to me).

South Korea has a lettuce wrap (a lovely pulled pork and very spicy kimchee) that is really, really, really good! It's inexpensive too! We'll be having more of those, thanks!

We also really enjoyed the charcuterie selection from the charcuterie and cheese booth. I was surprised at how much we enjoyed it. There were two slices each of smoked duck, smoked ham, and smoked beef (with a slice of bread). Made for nice sharing. I was equally surprised that my favorite on the plate was the beef!

We couldn't pass up the dessert and champagne booth this time. We had the trio ($3.50). The strawberry and angel food cake dessert was a little odd tasting, rather like there was too much baking soda in the cake? Not sure, but it's nothing we'd rush to have again. The other cake like dessert was ok. Nothing fantastic, but nice enough. The star was the very dark chocolate cake with ganache. YuhUHHHHUHMMY! Good thing it was so tiny!

Not to be outdone by one sweet tasting (see what happens when you cave in) we headed directly for the caramel shop in Germany. Herself had a dark chocolate covered caramel and I had a plain caramel that was rolled up like a swiss roll with white filling. Herself, the caramel lover in this house pronounced them both excellent. Me? I'll stick with the goat's milk caramel that Herself makes! The plain rolled caramel's filling was marshmallow so that was my mistake. I'm not a lover of marshmallow.

Perhaps next time I'll take my chances on one of those divine looking chocolate cupcakes.

Some where along the line we had a small glass of prosecco. Nice enough. Nothing spectacular, eh?

I think that's all we had this time... we walked around one more time pretending to work off the calories that we'd consumed.

'Til our next visit!