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Thread: If youre spending the day at Downtown Disney..

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    Have had a look at the menus, so far Bongo's is at the top of my list! Am determined not to have chips/fries at every meal this time - just because im on holiday doesnt mean i have to have them! (dont have them much at home!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscwest, post: 235210
    Earl of Sandwich or Wolfgang Puck Express for a standard lunch. Portobello Yacht Club if I want a full meal and am not planning a full meal also at dinner.
    oooo never tried portobello? what's it like?? good steak? (you know me, not a fish eater)
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    Fish and chips at cookes of dublin

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    My first thought was Bongo's for lunch with their very nice Cuban sandwich and papas rellenas. Yes, we can get better Cuban food in East Orlando, but Bongo's is not bad! (If you stick with the sandwich which is NOT served at dinner, and the papas).

    We used to like Puck's but it's gone down hill so much over the past few years that we've not been in nearly a year. The last time we were there the food was ridiculously poor and we spent $80 on something that we could have had for $10!!!!! from Publix (and much better too).

    If I felt like fried food we'd head to Cooke's of Dublin for fish and chips, or scallops.

    I think DTD has few good choices.

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    We will be going to DTD but not really big shoppers so dont know if we will be there right the way up til lunchtime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 235214
    oooo never tried portobello? what's it like?? good steak? (you know me, not a fish eater)
    Can't speak for their steak Keith. It is Italian so I normally order something Italian.

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    We usually end up at Wolfgang Pucks express or Earl's. We love love the pizzas at Puck's but they have everything from salads to spag and meatballs, and we've enjoyed it all!
    We just recently started really liking Earl's, and if I'm not mistaken Kate, I think you can get a wrap instead of a bread sandwich if you're not keen on bread.
    We had a great meal at Paradisio 37. Everything was fresh and tastey! But it was just DH and I, not sure if we would've had the same experience with DS.
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    We usually stop by Bongos for a few appeteizers and drinks.The food is very good and the drinks are quite tasty.

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    I never see it suggested, but we had a really nice dinner at Capīn Jack's

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    We love earl of sandwich. We tend to order two totally different things and swap with eachother. I'm so pleased we're staying at ssr as we love lots of the restaurants at dtd.

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