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Thread: show us your suitcase :)

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    ok I think we shouls all put a photo of our luggage cos it'd be funny LOL

    How do you recognise your case? have you got stickers on it or is it a funny colour

    tell or show us all

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    It`s easy to spot`s usually the last one to appear on the carousel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowhand, post: 235293
    It`s easy to spot`s usually the last one to appear on the carousel!
    good job we're never on the same flight because the last one is ALWAYS mine
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    We always spot ours cus they are now quite scruffy looking! Have never replaced them though cus "we probably wont be going abroad again"

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    We have a weird shade of brown one that is easily spotted, and a silver one that is a rolling garment bag, so we can pick that one out easily too. We also have a set of black luggage that you can imagine is miserable to find, so we no longer use it on flights (unless absolutely necessary). We also have a pea-green (icky!) colored one that is too huge to use on flights anymore...

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    I finally bought a light blue hard shelled piece of luggage. Will likely be using it in January. So I'll let you know how it goes on spotting it.

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    I jazz mine up with pots of nail varnish. One case once had animal paw prints put onto it (don't forget to do BOTH sides though) and the latest black cases we have I have done a pattern in colourful varnish.
    I have dozens of pots in all the colours you can think of so this is a good way of using them up before they go all watery.
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