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Thread: snakes and bugs?

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    someone tell me that there arent really slimy snakes slithering slinking across the paths and things or I'm not going

    Whilst Im at it, so many bugs cover the doors that you cant see the hotel door and as soon as you go out you're covered in them? REALLY? say it aint so?

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    I've never seen either during any of our Disney World holidays.

    Are there bugs? Sure. But Disney employees natural exterminators. They bring in specific bugs that keep the population of other bugs in check. I suppose the worst would be during what they call "love bug" season in Florida. However, I've been there during that time and they've never been a problem.

    Snakes? There's probably some somewhere. It's Florida after all. But I've never, ever seen one on Disney property. Ever.

    Tom (... snake-phobic. Not too happy with bugs either!)

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    I too have never seen any snakes on WDW property but I did see one around 4ft. long outside our villa last year!...I didn`t stay around long enough to find out if it was venomous or not, in fact the critter seems more scared of me than I was of it.

    As Tom said, the worst period for bugs is when there are swarms of love bugs around at certain times of the year. That said, it is Florida after all so you are bound to see the odd bug here and there although I`ve seldom seen any on WDW property.

    Not wanting to scare you witless, but we did see a big alligator waddling across the parking lot at the GF one year, but this was indeed a rarity despite the fact that they say that there are more alligators than humans in Florida.

    Taking all that on board, we have been going to Florida for around 20 years or so, and none of the local wildlife has ever deterred us from making numerous return trips.

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    Bring mosquito repellent for biting or stinging insects. There are mosquitos and tiny little gnats that can dine on you if you aren't prepared.

    As for snakes? Well, yes. I've seen a couple at Disney, and yes, I was totally freaked out.

    Don't walk into deep brush, or bushes, and you'll be fine.

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    I've never seen snakes but there are lots of cute tiny lizards.
    The only bugs that are a nuisance are the mosquitoes.

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    Only once came across a wild snake on WDW property and that was at Animal Kingdom. It slithered across the pathway near Everest.....just went along minding its own business.

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    Disney does do a good job on bug patrol. I rarely have seen or been bitten by many while there.

    I have only seen one snake in 31 years. We were in one of the hot tubs at OKW and it slithered right by us. It was gone in seconds.

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    Ive seen frogs,lizards,slugs,spiders,rabbits and worms but no snakes.

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    OMG. If there had been a snake slither by when I was in the OKW (or any) hot tub, I would have drowned!

    I know how it must sound but I am truly terrified of snakes. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    For the record, I continue to visit (and will continue to visit) WDW on a regular basis. Wouldn't want anyone to think I had a true phobia or anything.

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    never seen a snake in FL anywhere

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