I have a cat who is very old - she is almost 24. When she was a young cat she was knocked over and had to have an operation to have a pin put in her hip and thigh - she went on to have a very energetic and happy life!
She is a beautiful cat, my baby, i had her since i was 8yrs old, she used to sleep with me, let me push her around in my dolls pram and let me used to put my dolls clothes on her! She used to lay on her back and let me rub her tummy forever, she was the perfect cat.
Her time now though is coming to an end. She is losing control of her back legs and wobbles all over the place, shes not the clean cat she used to be and so im on edge whenever she is in the house and around my little girl.

How do i make the call to the vet, i know i need to say goodbye to her but i just cannot bring myself to do it. Every morning i get up and just hope that she has gone in her sleep. Im crying as im typing this as the thought of her not being here just really upsets me