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Thread: best sit down restaurant in magic kingdom

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    Any suggestions for the best sit down restaurant in the magic kingdom

    is tonys town square any good for dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojo, post: 236094
    is tonys town square any good for dinner?
    My DW and I historically liked Tony's for dinner quite a bit.

    Although, the last time we were there, with our own Slowhand and his DW, we felt cramped in a booth and a bit rushed. The service also left a lot to be desired.

    Prior to that however, my DW and I used to have dinner there and always managed to get a table outside on the porch. We'd linger over dinner and watch the parade.

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    We've always enjoyed The Plaza Restaurant just off of Main Street as you walk toward Tomorrowland. It's small, quiet and quaint. The food is very good and service has always been pleasant.

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    IMHO, there is no BEST place to sit down and eat at MK. The Plaza, as mentioned, is really more of a sandwich place though not a dinner place. My DW and I do like Tony's. We also like the castle, but don't need to pay for all the extra fluff unless we have female granddaughters with us.

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    I agree with John, there really isnt a best restaurant in MK. Liberty Tree Tavern,Crystal Palace and Tonys Town Square are all ok but if you want a real good place to eat you might want to take the monorail to one of the hotels where there are some really good restaurants.

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    I would recommend Tony's. They serve huge portions, so you get your $'s worth.
    I have always had good service. I have never been rushed through my meal.
    They will even accommodate you with a to-go drink, if you ask. I usually order a coffee and get a cup to sip on during Wishes. The last time I went, I asked for my to-go coffee and my friend hadn't asked for her iced tea to go but they brought her one anyway, which I thought was nice.
    We've had the gnocchi, chicken parm, spaghetti & meatballs, and lamb. All of which were delicious. I'd have to say the gnocchi was my fave.

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