I got a Powergorilla for me and the other half for our phone and laptop etc for when on the plane or away from home etc and when i got my netbook none of the choices of plug adapters would fit so i emailed them to ask if they had a adapter for an Assus Netbook and they sent me one to ry and it worked so i emailed back to ask to pay by card for the adapter and they responded ...."not to worry we are glad it worked"...Thought that was lucky. Then i got my Ipod Touch and there was no adaptor for that so again on the email and they sent me two...two...asked them why two and to pay for them and they said we know you have two units from us so we sent you two adaptors...again ..no charge !!!
Well that was over 18 months ago..On way back from San Fransisco my Powergorilla would not charge anything so i contacted PowerTraveller and asked if i sent it back could they look at it and if its not repairable i would get a new one from them as i know its out of warrenty by over 6 months.
In post today...new Powergorilla...no charge for the unit or postage etc

So i would recomend them if your looking for a power pack for your gadgets etc as they do a few types

www.powertraveller.com ..dont mention my name:tongue: