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Thread: tip disney magical express?

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    Any clues on whether or not we have to tip the disney magical express people?

    The thing is, usually we're just off the plane and don't have any cash or small bills so it's pretty difficult but if we have to I guess we could get some somewhere

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    Oh gosh, I would hope not!

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    Of course you don't *have* to tip *anyone*....that's the whole concept of a tip, eh?

    Having said that, we usually *do* tip DME IF we have them stow our carry-on bags in the hull on the way to our resort (usually about $1/bag). If we carry them on with us, we don't bother. The only exception to that was our last trip when we had the single most entertaining and engaging bus driver I've ever encountered. He kept everyone laughing, entertained the children and just generally displayed a really great passion for his job. IMO, those are the people that truly *deserve* a tip.

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    We also tipped the driver, he did put all our bags AND stroller in the bus and took them out when we got to the resort. We gave him $5 for 2 large suitcases and 1 stroller

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