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    everyone was up by 4.30am .........

    In the breakfast hall by 6.30am, very nice selection but we were far too excited to do it justice. We went to the airport to check in and collect our boarding passes from the ticket counter as we decided to pay and extra £30 pp to have extra leg room seats.

    Wandered around the shops for a while, a few were closed but not all. I ended up in the Duty Free Shop and bought some Clinique moisturiser and some YSL touche eclat and some P20 on recommendation from the people travelling to Jamaica!

    Boarding was on time (10.15am) but the take off was delayed until 12pm due to problems with the luggage (maybe something to do with the carousel being out of order possibly.... The flight was quite smooth, a little bit of turbulence towards the end.

    Lucy was sick from about an hour into the trip. Stewardess helpfully suggested having some ginger ale which Lucy managed to sip. The Virgin staff did dress in tinsel hair bands, Christmas hats and wings.

    Food on the aeroplane made my cooking look like cordon bleu!! There was a choice of :

    Turkey Dinner
    Beef Casserole(with dumplings)
    Vegetable Pasta

    They had run out of children’s meals (we had pre booked them) they asked if we would be willing to take an alternative we accepted as we knew there was a good possibility Lucy would not be able to face eating.

    The film choice was pretty good:
    The Time Travellers Wife
    Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince
    Aliens in the Attic
    Up and G Force

    I have to say I was extremely happy to be disembarking the flight!

    I waited for the luggage carrousel while Ieuan went to sort out the rented car with Dollar, cases were still not with us by the time he returned. We eventually recovered all three suitcases and went to find our rental which turned out to be a very smart white , on driving out of the airport Ieuan decided that the car had wheel bearing problems - apparently the loud whirring noise signified this.

    We turned around and drove back into the rental park only to be told that the only other car they had was a Toyota which had previously seen a lot of action. (scuffs all over the rear bumper and a dent in the passenger door) – the staff were pretty blasé about it not even an apology but said we could swap it the next day if we wanted!

    We checked into our hotel for the night, Rosen Centre – Huge rooms very clean and comfy. The children were dead beat so we decided to order room service

    ½ lb pepper burgers for me and Ieuan $12.99 each
    Chicken tenders and fries for both Lucy and Georgina $4.99 each

    We ate our grub and collapsed into bed.

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    Awwww, poor mite! She's out like a light! Nice report Ieuan! Thank you!

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    Thank you Tink - I must confess that Diane did all the writing - I am just uploading.

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