We arrived at our villa at around 7pm last night, (1/10/2010) We had a few small issues with my Tom Tom as I had forgotten to update the USA maps, When we finally arrived at the villa we thought we had gone to the wrong place, it is in Windwood Bay and it is beautiful.

We had a quick look round and then unpacked, hubby and son went out to get some bits from the shop so we could have a drink and breakfast, I watched them drive away without lights on the rental car but they didn't see me waving at them, well I waited for them to return and guess what they got pulled by the local police, police where really nice and just said check lights when you are driving at night.

We had a lazy around and then went to bed, I was then up and wide awake at 3.30am this morning,
I went downstairs and sent emails to home, final at around 6ish everyone started to get up and showered, kids went in the pool, we had a visit from the villa agent and then popped along to see the virgin rep to collect our invite for harry potter, did a bit of shopping at Walmart then come home for lunch.
We then went to to downtown disney and had a look around the shop, it was a little damp when we arrived but by the time we were going back to the car the skies opened and we got very very wet. arrived home after a very careful drive in the rain. well the rain hadn't got to the villa, so we all got changed and warmed up, sat a listened to some music, checked emails and chilled.
Kids started saying they were hungery so we went to McDondalds for something to eat, rain finally arrived here.
well we are back at the villa now watching tv and playing games, tomorrow starts with Chef mickeys, then see what the weather is like as it might be another damp day.
Good job we are english and used to the rain.