Ellie does a loop-the-loop

We returned to the shady bench where Nanny Lesley was quite happily sitting with Harry and Steven and asked whether she would like to ride Rock n Roller Coaster. Of course she declined, not being of insane mind like the rest of us. We then asked if she would mind waiting with Harry and Steven again while we rode it as there was only a short wait and it made sense to do the two together as we were down this end of the street. She willingly agreed and was joined on the bench by Lisa who had no intention of putting herself through anymore faster than 5mph attractions today. We showed Ellie the bench and invited her to take a seat with the rest but she looked at us and said, “I want to go on.” But this one has loop-the-loops in it and you don’t do loop-the-loops remember? “I want to go on.” OK then, so that’s 4 of us joining the very short line. Ellie checked her height at every available checking point along the way and funnily enough she was 49” at every one. We watch the pre-show movie thing before being let out into the parking lot/line area. We watch a limo make its exit and there is much giving out of expletives that a 6-year-old should not hear, but she is aware that she is never allowed to say these words, even when watching a limo take off at high speed right in front of us.

As we reach the head of the line the CM there checks Ellie’s height one final time – still 49” – and then has a quick glance down at her footwear. Never seen that happen before. Maybe they are getting wise to the fact that some kids are wearing thick soles to creep over the height restriction? Sorry, I didn’t think to stop and ask. Luckily all of Ellie’s 49” are her own and we are allowed to proceed. Ellie and Big Steve sit together, with Adrian and myself behind them. We pull down our head restraints and brace ourselves against the backs of our seats as we pull round to the start point. As we shoot away we hear the expletives of the guests just coming into the boarding area and then we are off. Don’t ask me what song was playing as I have no idea on Aerosmith at all – seriously not my bag baby. However, they do make a great coaster. We twisted and turned like twisty turny things before gliding smoothly into the unloading area. Big Steve turned to Ellie and asked if she’d enjoyed her first loop-the-loop experience and burst out laughing. We couldn’t see her face but apparently she was doing this -> and nodding her head up and down.

Ellie got a pressed penny to commemorate her first loop-the-loop ride and then we bounced out of there and back to the shady bench, which appeared to have attracted a small crowd. Adrian and myself looked at each other and groaned: he’s done it again. Steven was playing to the crowd again and a couple of CMs had stopped to play. They were also very impressed when Ellie told them that she had just ridden both of the gairy rides and enjoyed them both.

Ellie happily inserted her new pressed penny into her album and let us all admire it for a bit. She was allowed a few on each day so that eventually the album would fill and tell the story of the trip. Not sure about this, but at MGM the pressed penny machines were particularly hard to find. Maybe we were just looking in the wrong places but as we walked from Star Tours to the Tower of Terror, Ellie had her 2 quarters and a shiny penny ready in her little hand. Could she find a machine anywhere? You could actually see her getting more and more stressed as these coins burnt her hand. We did find one in the Pooh shop on Hollywood Boulevard to ease the tension before we reached Tower of Terror.

It’s getting close to our lunch priority seating time now so we decide to head over in the general direction of the restaurant and see if they’ll check us in early. However we reached the big hat area in the middle of a character meet and greet session. We did a quick check to see that the three gairy girls weren’t in the vicinity, before joining some lines. We met Lilo and Stitch.

Stitch picked his nose and wiped it on Lisa, much to our amusement. Then Steven tried to pick Lilo’s nose, much to Stitch’s amusement. Harry was having nothing to do with Stitch: he was definitely gairy. With some persuasion from Lilo however, Harry stood by her for a photo, and then relented and gave Stitch a big hug and announced that he wasn’t gairy after all. A quick chat and photograph with Mulan and Mushu and then
it’s now around 1.15pm so we walk over to 50s Prime Time for our 1.30pm priority seating and park the buggies. Don’t like having to park them ourselves after the Great Movie Ride valet parking made us lazy, but we abandon them in the general vicinity and enter a heaving waiting area. I give our name to the CM there and we take a seat on the 50s furniture and wait until Mom is ready for us.