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Thread: Disney Employees Face Firing Over Texting

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    In many states, including California, texting or emailing while driving could get you a fine. If you're a Disney employee, it may also get you fired. That's according to a companywide memo that went out yesterday. The so-called "distracted driving," which involves mostly people using their mobile devices while behind the wheel, is a serious problem that caused 5,474 deaths last year. But a private company enforcing the ban on the use of such devices is a little odd even for Disney, considered to be the most buttoned-down and regulated entertainment conglom. According to the memo, Disney "is enhancing its vehicle safety policy effective immediately." That includes prohibiting Disney employees from sending or reading texts or emails while driving company cars or their private cars while performing duties related to their Disney jobs. "Failure to comply will lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination," the memo said. While the intention is noble, the bureaucratic way it was handled has raised eyebrows, evoked Big Brother references and has mostly puzzled Disney employees as to how exactly would Disney enforce its new rules. Nevertheless, the new policy may affect business as most people working in the entertainment industry do a lot of work on their blackberrys while driving. With its ban, Disney joins the Obama administration which has prohibited federal employees from texting while driving on government business and banned commercial truck and bus drivers from texting behind the wheel. Thirty states and the District of Columbia prohibit drivers from texting behind the wheel; at least eight states have passed laws barring drivers from using hand-held cell phones.

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    Good. The amount of times I've had near misses because people are too busy on their phones. It's a dangerous practice and needs to be stopped.
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    I don't find that surprising at all! Disney surely has the right to prevent any defined behavior that would be a safety issue, from being enacted in the workplace.

    Good for Disney!!! Let's hope other companies follow suit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 238164
    Let's hope other companies follow suit!
    And cities and towns and counties and states and anyone else who'll listen to sanity.

    I absolutely loath driving on the highway, trying to maintain a reasonable speed, and there's some moron in the high speed lane obliviously talking or texting on their cell phone and doing 45 miles per hour while weaving all over the place!

    They're a menace to humanity!

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    Glad to hear that Disney is taking this stance. Here in the DC area we see far too many drivers, not only on their cell phones but also other distractions.

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    It's true. I cannot believe that we have to have a separate law for this. The current laws (in each state) require that you keep your motor vehicle under control at ALL TIMES... so we need a new law why?

    If we (the casual observer) can see what is going on, the LE folks should be able to, also. Start pulling them over and issuing tickets. Expensive ones.

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    Cars are killing machines if you are not in full control of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esmeralda, post: 238221
    Cars are killing machines if you are not in full control of them.
    Agreed. Texting while driving should carry similar penalties as driving while intoxicated IMO.

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