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Thread: Best restaurant in orlando for romatic meal?

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    whats a really great restaurant either on disney or not for a lovely romantic meal

    please dont suggest the va place I cant afford it

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    Since we rarely eat off site I can't recommend any off site places. However, on-site, ruling out V&A as you say I would recommend one of the following:

    Citrico's in the Grand Floridian
    Yachtsman Steak House at the Yacht Club
    Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge
    California Grill at the Contemporary
    JIKO at Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Flying Fish at Boardwalk

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    I think Citrico's would be very romantic. However, when we have been to Artist's Point or California Grill they are more like noisy canteens so I personally wouldn't choose those.

    The only one I haven't eaten at is Jiko, but from what I hear that might be very romantic.

    We have eaten twice at the Wave, and to be honest it is quiet with dimmed lights and I could see that as being a good choice, as long as you like the rather unusual menu.

    The main problem with onsite restaurants of course is that there can always be noisy children, which is fine unless it is a nice romantic meal you are after.

    We are eating more offsite these days and none are what I would call romantic venues. I know they will be out there though.

    We love Season's 52 but it is more a lively place. However if you can get a table on the terrace, that is very nice.

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