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Thread: how much time for harry potter universal

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    Forgive me if it's already been said but the harry potter area doesnt look very large, how long will it take us to completely do it??

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    Depends on he time of year you visit the park. We were there on 2/2/2011. We went on "The Forbidden Journey". We walked right up to the ride in the afternoon on a near 70 degree, partly sunny day. We skipped what used to be dueling dragons but it's posted wait time was only 10 minutes. Similarly, there's a family-friendly mild roller coaster that was also clocking a 10-minute wait.

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    I agree with JStrickPhoto in that it really does depend on the time of year you visit.

    We have been when you had to actually queue to get into the area - never mind the rides!!! It was so crowded they couldn't allow any more guests into the area.

    Another visit, it was only a 10 minute wait for the new rides.

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