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Thread: iLife 11 - buggy or great?

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    Read some reviews sayng that iPhoto is very buggy at the moment and to hold off buying

    The Videos for it look astonishing though iMovie is phenomihnal now and the card maker looks just lovely

    Any 1st hand experience?

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    what i love about iphoto now is that you can go full screen specially handy when looking at the pictures and adding effects etc etc

    was playing with the new effects on imovie when i have a spare minute i'll try and knock out a movie trailer for you to see

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    Can you still do all the old editing to photos with the graph and shadows/highlights etc?

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    I've got it and I love it! I haven't had any problems with it at all.

    Wait till you get to mess around with iMovie. There's stuff there that's beyond cool!

    Tom (... faces, places, and movie trailers!)

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    OK will go and buy, surprised you have to get the disc and not a download, also pretty hacked off that I have to pay a lot more if I want it on my laptop as well as my iMac

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    I'm not going to upgrade just yet, possibly for Christmas.
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