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    can you help? we heard the end of a radio article about some new disney restaurants for 2010 but didnt get to hear what their names were or where they were grrrrr

    anyone know?

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    Hi Disneyangel and to Secrets!

    The only thing I've heard about is the revamping of Pleasure Island into a district called Hyperion Wharf. It's supposed to have new restaurants in it but I haven't heard yet what they will be. It's supposed to open next summer with construction continuing until 2013.

    Tom (.. and now you know as much as I do!)

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    This past fall 2 new restaurants opened in Epcot.
    #1. Via Napoli - Italy
    Supposedly pizza is the item to order here. It is a reservation/sit-down restaurant. No quick serve. I looked at the menu and was interested in several items. Looked on the pricey side but comparable to other sit-downs in WDW. Around $20 for any entree. Located at the rear of the Italy pavilion. I peeked inside and it looked pretty glam, yet casual. I am looking forward to eating there in the future.

    #2. La Hacienda San Angel - Mexico
    I did have the pleasure of eating in this restaurant last weekend. Disney revamped the quick-serve Mexican restaurant by the lake and added an indoor sit-down restaurant. It was VERY worth it. I went spur-of-the-moment last Sunday. I went to Guest Relations just to see what was available and La Hacienda had a table available. I took it!
    My rez was at 4:45pm, which was good because by the time I got my food, it was 5pm and I was hungry!
    I was seated at a window table overlooking the water. Drawback: There was a horrible glare from the sun until it went down behind France. There are shades that are drawn, and maybe it was the angle of my table but, the view is NOT enjoyable at sunset. HA! Time your reservations wisely. This place WOULD be a great place to view Illuminations, IF the soundtrack would be audible. Like I said, this restaurant is completely enclosed.
    I ordered Pollo-Something that I can't remember...At any rate, it was probably the most delicious thing I have ever eaten at WDW. Seriously. It was a grilled chicken breast with grilled/carmelized veggies over top (YUM!!) served with soft corn tortillas, black beans with crumbled queso fresco, and spanish rice. Also, they bring out tortilla chips & salsa to munch on while you wait for your order.
    Also, you can order any of the delicious margaritas served in the Cava Tequila in the Mexico pavilion at the restaurant.

    There IS still a quick serve Mexican restaurant attached to the new restaurant. I think they have the same dishes they offered before.


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