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My favourite ornament is an odd one - when we were kids for some reason my favourite was a very old-fashioned red glass pine cone with frost glitter on it. About 10 years I found one that was exactly the same and bought it - it reminds me of Christmasses as a little child :)
I absolutely love the old fashioned glass ornaments that were glittered and shiny - especially the ones that have that sort of "indent" on the side that is usually a different color. And the lights reflect so beautifully when it touches those parts. I know I didn't describe that too well... We have some of the frosted pine cone ornaments that I put on the tree every year!

When I was a kid, Mom had these ornaments - they weren't really tear-drop shaped. They were more "icicle" shaped, maybe... Anyway, they were clear glass. Inside was a sprig of silver tinsel - almost like a small branch off one of those aluminum trees - and half way down, in the widest part of the ornament (they were narrow at the top, widened slightly, then narrowed again at the bottom), was a Santa head or a snowman head attached to the sprig of tinsel. I would give anything to find some of those ornaments again. They all managed to get broken over the years. And I've never seen them anywhere. I've looked at hundreds of pictures on ebay trying to find some.