I need some opinions on cameras.

As you may know, I'm a Nikon bigot. I've currently got a Nikon D70 and several lenses. I'm thinking of upgrading/sidegrading (since it may not necessarily be an upgrade) to a new D3100. The reason for this is as follows. My grandson is getting very interested in photography. However, his abilities and skills have outgrown the point and shoot type cameras. It's time for him to be getting into a DSLR. So, I'm thinking of going to the D3100 for myself, keep my supply of good lenses, and giving him my D70 for Christmas along with one of the original kit lenses.

I toyed with the possibility of getting him a used D70 or D70S but giving him mine and getting myself a D3100 is not that much more expensive. Maybe a couple hundred bucks. Also, if I give him my old one, I know what kind of shape it's in rather than buying a pig in a poke on eBay.

So... advice please. What are your thoughts? What would you do? And don't say buy him a Canon cause that ain't gonna happen.

Tom (... conflicted.)