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Well, I went ahead and got the D3100 and have wrapped up my old D70 and a couple of starter lenses for my grandson.

Initial impressions of the D3100 are good. The only thing I'm finding hard to get used to is the fact that the body is a bit smaller and lighter than my D70 was. When I was holding my D70, I had the feeling that I really had my hands on a big chunk of camera. Not so with the D3100. It just feels much smaller and lighter. I know I'll get used to it but right now, it just feels strange.

However, on the up side, I love the pictures it takes and the way it works! The bigger display on the back is wonderful. And having the shooting information displayed there big enough to read without my glasses is a delight! I never could read the LCD display on the top of my D70 without putting on my glasses. So, taking pictures was a case of glasses on to set the camera, then glasses off to compose and shoot. What a pain. In that regard, the D3100 is a delight. I also like the fact that I can also use the display on the camera for "live view" and don't have to use the viewfinder to do the composition. Useful for those times when you need to hold the camera above eye level. And since it also does video at various resolutions including 1080P, I can now get some high def video with just the one camera.

Tom (... still playing and learning about it!)
When I upgraded my a200, I found that the lighter body was bad, but now my new camera feels just as sturdy as my last one Glad you love your new camera. Your Grandson seems very talented and will do really well with his new camera