Had a week off without the offspring last week and took the time to have a few walks and look at some birdies. Amazing how much there was to see close to home

Now of course its all under a foot of snow

Rye Harbour was a lovely spot

Cuckmere , just west of Eastbourne was a lovely walk to the sea as well

Cup of hot soup under the coastguard cottages with this view was pretty much near bliss

Heart nealy stopped when a Kestrel perched about 100m away - I sort of ran to him, whilst trying not to scare him off, had about 7 seconds to take this so its not wonderfully composed but it was a real privalage to get as close as this

And then just as we had nearly completed our circuit the treat of the day

who should we see sunning himself by the side of the river?......

Beautiful little chap eh?