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What are the medals are they things that travel around caches?
Are you talking about *Travel Bugs*? They are quite fun and we used to try to get to caches that had them listed. They are small tokens or badges that are registered at the site and there is normally some kind of goal/destination. We had a bug once that was released while a family from the UK was here in the States and it's goal was to make it back to the UK at a cache near their home. Once you've helped a bug on it's way and logged it at geocaching.com, you can keep track of it and see where else it has gone.

We used to geocache nearly every weekend when we lived in VA...there were thousands of them. Now that we live in OH, there aren't nearly as many and it's harder for me to go traipsing through the woods with my knees so bad...but we still do one occassionaly. There is a microcache near us and we had to visit 5 times before we finally found it it was so uniquely hidden.:p015:

Jordan used to have a small backpack he'd take with us with small toys, etc that he would leave in exchange for treasures found as well as pencils (not all caches will have one with their log) and a note pad for us to take notes for when we would write up our find for the site.

Another fun thing some people leave in caches here in the States is a Where's George dollar...encompassing two hobbies in one.

PS...we are Batman'sClub (Jordan used to be a huge Batman freak:p015:)