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Thread: Are there any Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Plushes in WDW?

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    Matthe has gone mental for Oswald since the Epic Mickey game, watching the shorts on youtube, are there any plushes of him about in the states/WDW?

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    I dont remember seeing anything that looked like that when we were there? Could be completely wrong though!

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    Found one on eBay. But you'd have to do the bidding bit.

    Tom (... you can get IT on eBay!)

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    Now I know what they look like, I can look in world of disney for you skywatcher! Will let you know
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    Thanks chaps - thats the only one we found and TBH 60 quid for a plush is tooo steep. There is quite a bit of merch since the Wii game came out but no plushes as far as we can see

    Thanks for looking Keith

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    A couple of years ago they had all sorts of Oswald stuff at the Disney stores. I haven't seen any Oswald stuff in the parks though.

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