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Thread: Typical day at DLP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 240839

    ooo yes please! are there nice restaurants in the hotels like WDW?
    there is a nice chef Mickey type one in festival Disney with a gorgeous dessert menu (that was quite a long time ago though)

    The restaurant in the Disneyland hotel is nice too

    Walts in mainstream and Cinderellas restaurant are quite classy for Disney

    It's been a while since we have risked a decent restaurant with the boys in tow.

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    You are more than welcome!

    Restaurant-wise... Walt's in Main Street USA is up-market for inside a Disney Park. It is a sit-down meal in a fabulous restaurant overlooking Main Street (fantastic if you can get a seat by a window in time for the parade). Each room is themed based upon one of the lands in DLP (Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Frontierland, Adventureland) and the entrance depicts the life and works of Walt Disney himself. Walt's Restaurant is conveniently located on "1401 Flower Street" which is in fact the real address where the Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters in Glendale are located.

    In Adventureland you have the Blue Lagoon Restaurant - this is a restaurant which is actually inside the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, another lovely meal within the park.

    In Frontierland I would recommend the Silver Spur Steakhouse - you can get some wonderful meaty dishes here!

    Outside of the park and into Disney Village you have the likes of Annettes Diner, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Café, McDonalds, Café Mickey (character lunch/dinner) Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (pay extra for this, it's a show and meal in one with unlimited beer/soft drink refills).

    Hotel wise I especially love going to Inventions in the Disneyland Hotel. This is a buffet style meal which serves literally everything - but in a more 5 star layout. (There are character appearances here).

    For further reading on DLP food there's a really good site that gives you a bit of a run-down which is handy when planning -

    Hope this helps?
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    Wow thats a GREAT help yes many many thanks!! We never have enough DLP info on here so this is all wonderful
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    We went last year May via Disneyland Resort Paris | Eurostar with Short Breaks Ltd and they did amazing deal (£760) for three nights in Disney New York Hotel, four days park tickets, Disney dining plan and first class home with the Eurostar.

    It is compact but we had a bit of 'culture' shock as we not used to have everything from waking distant but we had such a blast!

    We are hoping to return again....

    We made a point of using the extra hour and we rode space mountain about 3/4 times and it is a brilliant ride!

    We also love crusher coaster but queue can quite nightmare! We queue for almost an hour...

    Tower of Terror (I think this is much more scary than Orlando!) DLP have many hidden features in both parks. For example you can control some of the lighting in the main studio building (not many people knew this!)

    I quite like their disney store it is quite big (not big as downtown) but plenty for disney goodies.

    I seriously recommend you to buy DDP as the price over there is quite silly and expensive.

    We walked around the lake and it is quite nice and relaxing after going bit mental on roller coaster.

    I have DLP guide book here somewhere and I found it very useful if you want to know which one it is, let me know and I will have a look.

    One thing I like about DLP is you can walk much slower pace and embrace experience especially the extra hour in the morning. The main street is almost dead and it is surreal experience!

    The queue system at DLP is not that good and people tends to butt in so you need to be firm and make sure that no one keep butt in.


    We love the metal trailer cafe near the Aerosmith roller coaster (it is at one of the side street hard to spot if you are not careful.

    It is brilliant little place very American feel! (Useful if you want to relive the Orlando experience!

    You would have to 'hire' kettle (I was not impressed with this ) but we collected tea bags and coffee from breakfast bar and took it back to the room. Also we brought milk from the hotel and use ice bucket to keep the milk cold

    Morocco restaurant is one of my favourite place to eat, fab buffet style.. lovely fresh food and wide range of selection (especially pudding!)

    If you travel via eurostar do not forget to visit the longest champagne bar!

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    It does sound wonderful!

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    As Lisa has said we love DLP, it was our first taste of Disney and we have been back probably more than 10 times, everytime there is something different.

    We have been as students on a wallace arnold coach and we have gone to castle club at the Disneyland hotel with a room overlooking the castle and each trip has been special for different reasons.

    The park is beautiful and better designed than any in Florida, the castle and its surrounds and 'my best' by a long long way. The rides are easily betetr as well, as well they should be being as though they are much newer.

    Studios struggled initially through lack of attractions but that is much much better now.

    As Lisa said we are going to try the empire state rooms at the New York in Feb ( weather permitting) and we were almost going to go back to the castle club but these were £800 cheaper for the same benefits , plus we walk through the Disney Village each morning and have an ice rink outside - more spends and a golden fastpass

    The retaurants are much much better than florida if you go to the sit downs and the inventions buffet was stunning top drawer french cuisine ( well you are in Paris) but it is very very expensive the US would feint at the cost of a large G and T in that place

    As for the queueing and the manners , its all cultural and if you relax and be a little less stressed about it then you enjoy it far more - people aren't being rude and trying to upset you its just not how they do things there.

    The weather is the biggest drawback I suppose but that rarely interferes with much we have been there is snow and sunshine.

    I shall bring back some pics soon

    Problems come when you compare it to Florida , you can't on any front - as long as you go with the idea that its a different sort of vacation altogether then you can't help but be impressed by it

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