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Thread: 2011 flights expensive :((((((

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    Is anyone else trying to book flights for 2011 and finding them really expensive? any hints tips secrets?

    virgin and ba are both silly money and even the charter ones arent cheap this year whats going on?

    Will the vat increase make them go up even more?

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    I'm considering a short trip in April and the flights are coming in at 550ish. which isn't bad for that time of year.

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    I got a great flight with BA. It's a connecting flight. BA and AA are doing a lot of 'code-sharing' now, which means that you pay for the flight with AA and they organise everything but you're actually flying on a BA flight with BA Planes and cabin crew.
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    I checked flights for us in august - 959 per person in economy!

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    There's usually a Sale on Virgin in early Jan so have another look then


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    this time of year people are thinking holidays so the prices are more expensive a few weeks down the line they will drop watch and see

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    really hope it gets cheaper the prices are insane on both virgin and ba at the moment

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    BA mailed me about a sale they're having but the prices remained the same for the April trip I'm considering.

    I'm not sure how much flights are expected to fall in price, as I notice BA are now quoting non-direct flights and flights with their codeshare partners alongside their usual LGW-MCO route. I wonder if it's a sign that prices are to remain comparatively high. It's nasty when you're entering your flight dates and the price appears low, only to realise it's a connecting flight.

    ...Man, I hope the prices drop soon!

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