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Thread: Greetings from Orlando Local

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    Most people? Well, there are obviously two sides to every coin. Some (locals) will swear never to visit again for fear of crowds, lines etc. while others like me approach it from a different perspective. Yesterday I took my ten year old daughter to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios with the intent of doing nothing but enjoying the Christmas attractions and decor. Due to the unusually cold temperatures in Florida (34 degrees at 8am), we broke the first rule and arrived shortly after 10am - when crowds had already arrived. As you may know, one of the BUSIEST times in the parks is between Christmas and New Years so expectations had to be in line. As annual passholders I discussed with my daughter what our golas would be. She wanted to see the Christmas Parade, the American Idol Experience and the Osborne Light Display. No problem. All were "mass" attractions that required little to no wait and (when planned correctly) could easily make an enjoyable time. We explored Tom Sawyers Island, took in the castle show, Disney Channel Rocks and attempted to find hidden mickeys in between. It was a great (and cold) time. She knew that the next visit we could go the Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan etc. with just a few minutes wait in January. The same park with a different type of mission...and fun. So I guess this is a long winded answer to your question. As locals, we take our "pieces" of magic in small bites rather than dashing thru the day as many out of town visitors are forced to do to take it all in. While the crowds were enormous, the fun never waivers with the right attitude....even when you're a local.

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    Hi and welcome to Secrets, it's great to have someone with local knowledge.

    Glad you had a great time yesterday


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    Quote Originally Posted by fleetbosser, post: 241268
    While the crowds were enormous, the fun never waivers with the right attitude....even when you're a local.
    thats so true


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