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Thread: Best market to shop for food?

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    Hi - we always like to stock up on some food before we checkin but some of the markets seem pretty expensive whats the best place to ask to stop from the airport on the way to disney?

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    My personal favorite for quality and reasonable prices is Publix. There is one near the Premium Outlets (just off I-4) near DTD.

    Also, there is a new Whole Foods Market at the intersection of Sand Lake and Turkey Lake roads. They have a HUGE selection of prepared foods, a very large organic inventory, and a nice selection of wines and cheese along with some beer (more the microbrewed types). It's my favorite shop, but not as reasonable as Publix.

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    Publix for us too.....and they're popping up all over the place!

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    yep same here, publix works well for us
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    Publix really is the very best bet. They have a nice selection, including already prepared foods, and they don't gouge.

    Whatever you do, stay away from the Gooding's in Crossroad's Plaza! It's higher priced than Disney and the food is very poor quality, rotting fruit and veggies, moldy cheese. NAAAASSSSSTAY!!!!

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    Is there a Publix in Davenport?

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    Oh yes. There is a new one on the way South on 27 (will be on the right as you head south). There will be at least two others also, on west 192 (which leads you to south 27 to get to Davenport).

    You'll have plenty of choices. In that vicinity, the Publix at Orange Lake is still my favorite. It's set up to cater to visitors and had an amazing inventory.

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    We liked Publix too. Lots of choice and reasonable prices.

    Goodings is way overpriced but very handy if you just need an emergency jar of baby food. They have a pharmacy in there too if you need one of those. Oh and Goodings have a fantastic display of birthday cakes in the most garish colours imaginable.

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    There is a Publix now, Dawn just "around the corner" from Goodings, so makes it much easier to avoid the place. It's a bit further, true but worth the extra mile to have a decent selection of food that won't be out of date, or spoiled.

    Can't say as I'd trust their pharmacy.

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