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Thanks Lisa. I have never ever wanted to come accross as boastful or big headed - his teachers have always known we were far more intersted in his socialisation skills than his achievements in the classroom . One of the proudest days was when he came home with a whole lot of clubs he'd joined and friends he wanted to play with at them. The last thing we want to do is turn him into some freak who cannot communicate properly.

Its a nice worry to have but it is still a worry, we feel a burden of responsibility and we never want to look back on this time and wonder 'what if'

You're absolutely spot on in your interest to enhance his socialization skills.

At our school here, we base our learning on one simple premise. Kids have to be able to get their shovels back. We see it quite often. These children can count to 20 in 10 different languages but can't get their shovels back. By that I mean, we've somehow stopped teaching children to be self supporting, to use their words, to function with other children...we send them out to the sandbox, and then when little Johnie comes along and takes their shovel, they don't know how to get it back. What we've learned is that if we can teach them *this* crucial lesson...many of the others fall into place...It doesn't mean was stop "teaching", we've just learned to teach differently.