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Thread: booster seats.

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    I was wondering if anyone can help me. I'm going to flo. in april and to save on renting booster seats when renting a car i'm taking my own. My question is my youngest grandchild will be 2 weeks short of her 3rd birthday when we arrive in the states, will she be able to use a booster or will we have to rent a full baby seat.

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    The last time we went our Daughter had just turned 3, we used a booster seat from the airport to the hotel, then the next day went to Target and brought a full car seat which cost about $30. A lot cheaper than renting. We did actually manage to then bring it home with us, but at that price it wouldnt have mattered if we couldnt.

    The problem with the booster seats with the little ones is when they fall asleep, there is no support for them.

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    good idea Simon!

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    thanks simon, another worry eased.

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    Hi All,

    I will be travelling by air with my daughter for the first time she's, 4. In Canada, booster are manatory until 80 lbs or 8 yrs old. Will I need one for the taxi from the Airport to the Port Canaveral? Any info would be great.

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