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Thread: At long last a new space pic :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 242333
    It looks like a heart, a glorious, forever heart.

    i thought so too Tink!

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    That is absolutely amazing!! These photos never cease to take my breath away! I'd love to see a picture of your camera and telescope all set up!
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    thank you all Tink it does look like a heart, Lisa said the same

    next time I'm all set up Josh I will do just that for you buddy, MacBook pro and all

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    Final process done last night, lost some of the dust but preserved more detail in the core and the Bright star to the bottom rioght of the main nebula turns out to be a double, completely swamped by the previous processing

    Think this is my favourite processing but shame to have lost that extra dust

    Playing with PSE9 that I got for Christmas, layer masking and feathering etc etc

    Anyway I'm done with this one now - roll on another clear dark night ( at a weekend) - so July it is then

    Orion Reprocess to try and rescue Core by Sidleydoc, on Flickr

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    looks awesome really chris. thx for sharing....july???

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    being facetious, its very rare to get a dark, clear, moisture free, windless night with good visability - leave alone one that happens at a weekend or when i haven't got other things to do

    Oh and it needs to do all those things for at least 6 hours

    .... and with something interesting in the sky to image

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    I've got telescope time booked Sunday for somewhere in New Mexico.

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    Epic, please let me know how it goes, lots of cracking southern sky objects, tarantula nebula is my dream

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    Stunning. For a moment, I couldn't breathe just looking at it. Simply stunning.

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    You are all most kind

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