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Thread: cirque du soleil - enough in to see twice?

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    Just wondering,we saw cirque du soleil at downtown disney 3 years ago and it was great but its expensive to see again if nothing has changed. Do they keep adding and changing things or is it a one time only type of show?

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    I`m interested in this thread as we are in the same position as you in that we saw the show a while back and keep on saying that we must go again.

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    Someone asked the same question in a Disney podcast recently (forgive me, I forget which).

    The answer they received was that if there were changes, they were unnoticeable.

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    saw it 2 years ago thinking of going back this year

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    We saw La Nouba a few days ago for the 4th time - we never get bored with it.
    HOWEVER - it has a couple of new acts in it this year and some of the original acts are doing a different routine.

    Some details HERE

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